Review of Happy Animals

I recently read a copy of Happy Animals, written by Gerald Hawksley. I was curious after seeing the title. Who were these happy animals and what were they so happy about?

Two Books in One

I found it interesting that the author has done the clever thing of merging two books into one. The first is a rhyming book showing the different activities of the animals, while the second book showcases different animals going off to sleep and the readers get to tell them good night.

Cute Read

I found the first book more enjoyable than the first, but overall it’s a cute read. Should be very enjoyable for smaller children. The text are mostly one liners and the illustrations are captivating, bright and animated, which are appropriate for the age group the author has catered to – ages 0 to 5. My three year old son loves it for a bedtime story.

A lot of readers are clearly happy with the book, as so far it has earned 117 positive reviews, with an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5.

About the Author

The author, Gerald Hawksley, is certainly talented. He is both author and illustrator, and even an astronaut. Fancy that! His various book titles and his Amazon autobiography give us a glimpse into his love for animals and his witty sense of humor.


I recommend this book title for anyone with small children, especially if you are a parent who love reading to your little ones. It will also be a great read for preschoolers who are just learning to read, as the texts are few on each page. If you love reading bedtime stories to your children, then this two in one book will serve as a wonderful resource, especially since the second book shows the animals going to sleep, and allow your little ones to tell them good night. Grab your copy today.



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