I’m Dreaming of a Kindle Paper White 3G

I absolutely love my Kindle 6 E Ink Wi-Fi, which of course is small, light and perfect for reading, but lately I find my eyes wandering over to the Kindle Paper White 3G.

Maybe it’s how the ads dazzle, and considering that blue is my favourite colour, makes sense that the Amazon banner ads would appeal to me. I think the price is still pretty decent, but it is in fact more than twice the amount I paid for my Kindle 6 E Ink, so maybe it will have to remain on my wish list. Plus I definitely don’t need two kindles. But the ads surely make me go googoo gaga :-).

Although there’s an obvious price difference here, $69 versus $179, it has definitely peaked my curiosity to find out what’s so extra special about the Paper White 3G besides the appealing built-in light.

Well, as it turns out this new version has touch screen, processes 25% faster, has some smart look up dictionary features, which is a highly rated feature for children. Another feature for kids is called ‘FreeTime’ whereby you can personalize profiles for your children and give them access to your collection of books. Kids are rewarded with badges when they reach their goals. A progress report keeps parents updated on total time spent reading, number of words looked-up, badges earned and books read.

You can tap or highlight words and get instant translations into other languages, the battery lasts up to eight weeks. The screen is whiter and text is darker so it’s clearer, crisper text and obviously easier on the eyes to read. And with the next-gen built in front light you can read in the dark, unlike the Kindle 6 E Ink.

You can share with your friends on goodreads, even flip through pages and chapters and skip to the end for a sneak peak without losing the place you’re at in another section of the book.

If you have no wi-Fi set up at home, then the Paper White 3G is a good option because it comes with built-in free 3G connectivity, which uses the same wireless signals that cell phones use. You can download books anywhere without needing to be in a Wi-Fi hotspot.

It all sounds amazing. The reviews on it are also pretty good. Over 2,000 persons have given it a 5 star rating on Amazon. Unfortunately I won’t be upgrading to it at this time, but I’m definitely dreaming of it.

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