Journey of Miracles – Through a Young Girl’s Eyes

A few weeks ago I spoke of my reverse and reset process where I would revise and rebrand some of my books. This process has led to my new book title  – Journey of Miracles, Through A Young Girl’s Eyes.

Journey of Miracles

Journey of Miracles, Through A Young Girl’s Eyes is the revised and rebranded version of Let My Soul Bare, A Young Girl’s Emotional Journey. Yes, it’s a different title, because the changes are quite significant. The Point of View has changed completely. As you can imagine from just the title and subtitle, Let My Soul Bare explored a young girl’s emotional journey; the kind of journey that one reader described as being an “emotional roller-coaster.” Journey of Miracles puts on a positive spin, and is from the point of view of miracles. What both book versions share in common is a story told through the eyes of a young girl. I won’t say too much at this stage, as we still have a few weeks to go before the launch. The manuscript is still in editing phase.

Lessons Learned

There is a famous quote that states “mistakes are meant for learning, not repeating!” I couldn’t agree more. As mentioned in my post about my writer journey, starting out I didn’t put enough effort into ensuring my book was properly edited and had the best design. But after the experience of having a poorly edited book be heavily marketed and earning royalties, this time I wanted to do things right. Journey of Miracles has already been through two rounds of editing and is now going through the process of developmental editing and proofreading.


Why miracles? I like to look at the beauty in life, the tiny miracles. As I explain in the book, miracle is not limited to just turning water into wine or walking on water kind of events. In fact, some dictionaries use the words “extraordinary” and “unusual” to define the kind of events that make a miracle. These are the types of miracles that we see in Journey of Miracles, Through A Young Girl’s Eyes. I will share more with you in upcoming weeks.

Cheers to you on your own journey.

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