Kindle 6 E Ink Display, Wi-Fi

Recently I was all excited about my Kindle 6 E Ink Display, Wi-Fi, which was actually the lowest priced Kindle I saw on Amazon, only to now see that one was advertised for even lower – $55. Wow, amazing, and it appears to be the same one I have. But anyway, no regrets. I’m still happy I made the purchase when I did. I’ve purchased at least 10 e-books now for no more than $2 on my kindle. I have even had the liberty of purchasing books that are not yet published, for only $1.99. How sweet is that.

I love how easy it is on the eyes too. There is no bright glare, so in a sense it’s like reading from a print book. It’s pretty comfortable to read out in the sun too. The text is really nice too, very crisp and clear. This is because Kindle uses ink particles and hand-built fonts to create text that give a similar look to that of print. You might ask, so what’s the difference with just getting the print books? Well, the Kindle will be a whole lot lighter than the print book and you can store hundreds of books all at once on your Kindle.

Another excellent thing, unlike regular tablets, I don’t have to constantly charge the Kindle, as it has one full month of battery life, so basically I only need to charge it up once every month.Totally loving my Kindle 6 E Ink Display, Wi-Fi!



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