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I would like to share great news with you. Today I have accomplished a goal that I have been looking forward to for the last three years. Three years ago I had the idea of writing a third book. Let My Soul Bare and You Can Rise Up being the first and second respectively. I mentioned an idea to a close friend about writing a blog that would eventually become my third book.

I pondered what would I write a book about that could also be the subject of a blog, so because at the time I found myself wondering “what if” quite a bit, i thought Ahh, that will be the subject of my blog, and ultimately, my new book.

bookimageSo I began a blog where I asked what if about various circumstances. Much of it was about matters in my own life, some of it inspirational. Then for the purpose of a book, I wanted fresh material, never before seen on my blog, so I delved into subject matters that were even controversial, raising questions such as “what if God did not exist?” Bearing in mind that every question raised is not to propose a certain theory, but rather, to explore my imagination as to what would be if it were so.

So I finally got the book completed and I am so pleased that it is finally published and available for sale on Amazon. It is offered at a highly affordable price, less than a dollar, only 99 cents. So if you are looking for an affordable read that’s fun and will pick your brain at the same time, then What If… All You Can Imagine is the right book for you.

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