Praise For Meet the Imaginative Joe Dreamer

About Meet the Imaginative Joe Dreamer

In Meet the Imaginative Joe Dreamer, a young boy uses his creativity and imagination to solve his childhood problems. Joe Dreamer’s parents are entertained by his creativity and sense of humor, and similarly, the book serves to encourage young children to be creative and imaginative.

Positive and Happy

An Amazon customer has reviewed and described this book as happy. He says “the story’s overall message is therapeutic and happy.” He ends his review by saying “Power to the positive and to the imagination.” This pleases me and fulfills one of my intentions for the book. This cozy picture book is a great read for any family, as it brings together exciting ingredients of the Caribbean, imagination and viewing problem solving through a young child’s eyes.

Get a Preview of the Book

I would like to share a view of the book with you; just click on the preview tab in the image below. Feel free to share the message also.

First in a Series

Meet the Imaginative Joe Dreamer is the first in a series of children’s picture book. Later on, in just under two months, we will see the second book in this series, Joe Dreamer’s Easter Bunny. Watch this space for more on this in the coming weeks.

In this first edition, Joe faces the challenge of going to the beach on a day when it rains. How do you imagine a typical child would react to the outburst of rain just when he is enjoying his day on the beach? Well, the Amazon customer remembers “seeing a disgruntled child punching the rain by a beach. He was so unhappy because the weather had spoilt his day.” Our little Joe Dreamer takes a different approach, and I tell you all about it in this thrilling story. I look forward to hearing your feedback on this first series, while I get ready to share more with you about the next book in the series.

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