Kindle FreeTime – The App that Helps Put Parents Mind at Ease

Kindle FreeTime, as discussed in my earlier post on Kindle Fire HD 8.9, helps parents to be at easy knowing that although their children are using a Tablet, they are restricted in what they can access.

Parental Controls

All Kindle Fire comes equipped with FreeTime already installed, and the app is FREE to use, except if you want unlimited service.  Any content that you have not added for a child, will be blocked. That means, your child will not have access to Youtube or Facebook for example, if you do not want your child to have access to that.

That should definitely make parents more comfortable, because it certainly is a concern once a child has access to the Internet. There will be warranted fears of if that child will access R-rated material, or be in communication with people they should not be communicating with.

FreeTime goes beyond access and also has controls to monitor the duration that a child is on the Kindle. You can set the time frame and have the device shut off once that time comes. Or alternatively, you can vary the duration of access to various things, for example, you can give a child unlimited access to books, while limiting time for video and games.

How Amazon goes about setting up the control is by using your child’s profile to create a customized experience. You will be asked to provide a name of your choice for the child’s screen name, and you need to provide information on the child’s gender and birth date, which is all subject to the Privacy Notice, and is used to customize your child’s Kindle FreeTime experience.

Kindle FreeTime Unlimited

As stated above, if you want unlimited service then the service would not be free. Kindle FreeTime Unlimited is based on a monthly subscription and on a per child, per family basis. From time to time Amazon does offer a free trial to eligible persons. But even if you don’t do a free trial, the subscription cost can be as low as $2.99 per month. You get a lower price as an Amazon Prime member, and higher if not.

I feel that this is a great deal because for this amount you are getting unlimited access to thousands of vidoes, games and book titles for children ages 3-8 years, and it is all within your control, as you get to pick the content.

It would be a good idea to sign up to be an Amazon Prime Member as you can save at least $2 each month on your subscription. Subscription for FreeTime Unlimited starts at around $4.99 for regular subscribers, and for up to four children you would pay around $9.99 each month. As an Amazon Prime member you would pay around $6.99 each month for four children.

Whatever you decide it would be a good and safe investment if you are considering purchasing a tablet for your child with extensive educational and entertainment possibilities. No need to worry about the risk of your child playing on the tablet for too long or venturing into online places they are not allowed to go.


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