Reverse and Reset – Revising and Rebranding My Books

I have started a process of reverse and reset, to improve my author platform experience. While I have made good book sales, and many persons have told me they like my books, I didn’t do things perfectly when I first launched into the author world. At first, things seemed to work, but with increasing knowledge and awareness, I learned how things could be improved.

Write, Edit, Design, Publish

On my journey, l have learned that being an author means more than just writing a book. It means editing, book formatting and design, book cover design and choosing the right publisher or publishing option.

Print On Demand

Ten years ago, I wrote my first book, and when considering publishing options, I came across a company that offered “print-on-demand” publishing. It sounded great at the time; they sold the idea of printing copies of the book only when a buyer requested those copies, thereby avoiding excess copies printed and stored in a warehouse. They enticed me with huge marketing opportunities, at an affordable price. As a result, I overlooked that they would not assist with the editing. Big mistake. The outcome was a great story that people enjoyed, and which earned me book sales and royalties, but was poor on quality, in my estimation. Ten years later, I am doing a reverse and reset of that process, by rebranding that first book under a new title and new design. The new manuscript is currently being edited. I will give you more details about it in a future post.

Seven years ago, I had made the same mistake with my second book, You Can Rise Up.  I don’t believe I made any book sales or royalties at first. Not until I switched to a publisher that cared about the look of the book, and about the editing. I would like to share with you below, the three cover versions this book has gone through, since 2010 to now.


My choice with no designer or publisher advice


My title and sub-title choices, but with publisher and designer input

My title and sub-title choices, but with publisher and designer input


Final version after publisher and readers feedback

Final version after publisher and readers feedback


I expect you will agree that the final outcome was far better than the first. I have come a long way in 7 to 10 years.

Currently Unavailable – Reverse and Reset

A few of my titles are now showing up as “Currently Unavailable” due to the reverse and reset process I am undergoing. This is temporary, but unavoidable, as a changeover is happening. Some titles are going through one or more factors, including change of distributor, change of publisher, new formatting and design, new cover design. I do apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. The books will be available again very soon.

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